Page 9 - OHM 2019-Digital Edition
P. 9

“Excellent care. They make you feel like family.
                              Can’t ask for anything better than that.”

                                                                               Time spent with family and
                                                                                those we love is precious.
                                                                              A caregiver’s time spent with

                                                                                a loved one with dementia
                                                                              can feel like time spent being

                                                                                 a nurse, a housekeeper,
                                                                                  an advocate and more.
                                                                              Memory care makes that time

                                                                              positive, and the future bright.

                                                                             Memory Care at Market Square

                                                                                provides a safe, homelike
                                                                              environment where those with

                                                                            memory impairments can flourish,
                                                                                and their families can feel

                                                                                  secure, and welcome.

                                                                              Let us help your family today.

                                                                                Call for more information.

                                                                                     3 Market Square

                                                                                South Paris, Maine 04281
                                                                                  Phone: 207-743-1575
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