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Welcome                                                         Oxford

                FROM THE CHAMBER                                                Hills

                                                                                Chamber of

                         N BEHALF OF  the Oxford                                Commerce
                         Hills Chamber of Commerce,
                         it is my honor as the Chairman                         4 Western Avenue
               O to welcome you to the 2019                                     South Paris, ME 04281
                edition of the Oxford Hills Magazine.                           Phone: (207) 743-2281
                                                                                Fax: (207) 743-0687
                  Our magazine has represented the people,            
                communities and businesses of the Oxford              
                Hills for nearly 20 years. Each and every year                  EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE
                our publication grows and it has become a                       Board Chair: Michael Grass, Norway
                fun, entertaining and extensive guide to                        Savings Bank
                the businesses, communities and people                          Chair Elect: Michelle Frantianne,
                of our areas.  Whether you are here for fun,                    Granite Ridge Estate & Barn
                entertainment, or the great outdoors, you                       Treasurer: Maria Holloway,
                will find it in our magazine.                                   Marketing Consultant
                  You will find information about 80                            Past Chair: Dana Nelson, Oxford
                different spheres of businesses in our area, ranging from camping to home   Member: Patrick Casalinova, KW
                purchases, from extreme sport to relaxing in front of a cozy fire at supper time.  We   Commercial
                have something for everyone. Many of our businesses have made this publication   Member: Jaylene Gonyea, Business
                happen so you can enjoy your time in the Oxford Hills.  We take pride in being   Assist
                able to showcase our communities and our way of life.  We take even more pride   Member: Glen Holmes, Community
                when you come back year after year.                             Concepts Finance Corporation
                  I hope you enjoy your time in the Oxford Hills, whether you are here for a day,
                weekend or a lifetime.  We offer not just a place, but rather a way of life.  Welcome   BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                                                                Bonnie Iwans, Norway Center
                and have fun.                                                   for Health & Rehab
                                                                                Joe Galletta, Ripley & Fletcher Ford
                Michael Grass                                                   Jennifer Fogg, Stephens
                Norway Savings Bank                                             Memorial Hospital
                                                                                Kristin Jones, Coastline Homes
                                                                                of Oxford
                                                                                Marc Chandler, Dmc Liverly
                                                                                Peter Laverdiere, Town of Oxford
                                                                                Jeanne Silverman, Ward Cedar
                                                                                Log Homes

                                                                                OHCC STAFF
                                                                                John Williams, Executive Director
                                                                                Darcia Thorpe, Assistant to
                                                                                the Director

                On the cover: The Oxford Hills is the home of Pennesseewassee Lake (often
                  called Norway Lake), a destination for year round outdoor recreation.
                                   PHOTO CREDIT: BREWSTER BURNS

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