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Year Round
           The Oxford Hills and Fun!

           Each season in the Oxford Hills brings about a new recreational experience. You can enjoy it all and have it all in our area.

           In the summer, there’s no shortage of lakes   Hidden Gem for Outdoor Enjoyment
           and pond in the area that offer swimming,   Western Foothills Land Trust protects more   SUMMER
           motorboating, waterskiing and fishing to   than 7000 acres in the area with a total of
           name a few.  Many areas are open to the   25 miles of hiking trails and forever wild
           public with convenient boat launches to   places in Norway, Greenwood, Buckfield and
           start your summer day on the water.  Don’t   Waterford.
           forget that you can go tubing, kayaking, or   Most Unusual Monument: In 1983 the
           canoeing as well.  Please be sure to follow   last hand-cranked phone system in the
           any safety guidelines or regulations that   United States stopped cranking, and all 431
           might be posted at these sites.    customers of the Bryant Pond Telephone
           Local Favorite for Hiking: Streaked   Company woke up to boring direct-dial.
           Mountain is a short but rigorous upward   In the center of town there is a giant
           hike.  Go ½ mile past the power lines on   telephone in honor of that fateful day.
           Streaked Mountain Road in Buckfield

                FALL                      The summer and fall are prime times to   1770s, you’ll find churches, libraries and

                                          take in a day hike or overnight camping   well-preserved architecture from the mid to
                                          trip in the area.  The rolling hills in the area   late 19  century.
                                          offer hiking trails to accommodate any level   Hidden Gem for Art Lovers: The Western
                                          of age and fitness.  Biking can bring you   Maine Art Group is headquartered in the
                                          along major highways as well as the “off the   Lajos Matolcsy Arts Center, formerly the
                                          beaten path” roads that will introduce you   first school house in Norway at 480 Main
                                          to a beautiful landscape with wooded areas,   Street. You can view exhibits of paintings,
                                          open fields, and abandoned trails that line   photography, sculptures and more by Maine
                                          the countryside.  Perhaps your taste runs   artisans.
                                          with all terrain vehicles and off the road
                                          vehicles.  Trail blazing clubs maintain paths   Most Unusual Iconic Location: Learn about
                                          for off road experiences.       the 170-year history of the famous Poland
                                                                          Spring water by visiting the Poland Spring
                                          Local Favorite for History Buffs:  History   Preservation Park off route 26 and see the
                                          thrives on Paris Hill.  First settled in the   original site where the water was tapped.

           While some creatures hibernate in winter,   to produce ash snowshoes, skis, sleds and
           the Oxford Hills becomes an vibrant area   furniture. W.F Tubbs supplied snowshoes for
           for fun as the winter cold and snow sets   the first polar expeditions.
           in.  Nearby ski slopes can accommodate   Hidden Gem for Winter Enthusiasts:
           your need for downhill skiing while you’ll   The Oxford Hills is part of the Maine
           find many cross country skiing spots along   Interconnected Trail System (ITS)
           the area landscape.  Snowshoeing can take   snowmobile trail network, a statewide
           place just about anywhere along nearby   initiative that links over 14,000 miles of
           trails and you’ll find hours of fun on our   snowmobile trails for outdoor recreation.
           lakes during ice fishing season.
                                          Most Unusual Collection:  Paul Cote of
           Favorite Historic Fact: Norway was once   Pa’s Trading Post in Oxford has the most
           called the “Snowshoe Capital of the   extensive collection of Paris Manufacturing
           World” because of the many snowshoes   sleds ever assembled. View the collection at
           manufactured here. In 1906, Walter Tubbs   1447 Main Street in Oxford.
           established the Tubbs Snowshoe Company

              SPRING                      Spring is a welcomed sight in our part of the world   Resources for year round
                                          as temperatures begin to rise and winter is in
                                          the past.  Open water fishing season is an official   activities can be found at
                                          holiday for many and that first bike ride or outdoor
                                          run renews the spirit in the Oxford Hills.  But watch
                                          out for mud season, that one-month period when
                                          our unpaved driveways become tar pits and we
                                          discover new meaning to “a stick in the mud.”
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