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Wicked Water


                          Makes a Splash in the Oxford Hills area

                BY DAN MAROIS                                   The business has a niche market popularity for people
                          AVID KELSO WAS born in Presque Isle and   looking for unique designs.
                          raised in Gardiner, while Linda Engelhardt   “We do lots of graphics on gun stocks, mostly camou-
                          was born and raised in Clinton.     flage and wood grain,” said Dave, “but removable parts of
                           The duo met each other in 2005 when   airplanes, automobiles, trucks, motorcycles and all-terrain
              D a chance occurrence had them running a        vehicles can be done with water graphics.”
                sporting camp together in Aroostook County. They’ve been   While it takes time to prepare objects for dipping, with
                together ever since, partners in life as well as business.   polishing and sandblasting, the final process looks a bit
                  In September of 2012, they started Wicked Water Graph-  like magic.
                ics in Madawaska, a hydrographic printing (or immersion   “A water tank is heated to between 90 to 100 degrees,
                printing) manufacturer. If an item can be dipped in water   and a layer of film is placed to float on the top of the water,”
                and painted using traditional methods, then it can be   describes Dave. “Different prep coatings on an object can
                dipped, allowing them to print designs on three-dimen-  bring very different graphic finishes.”
                sional surfaces of any kind.                    Demonstrating the process, Linda sprayed a chemical

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