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and food vendors, fair museum, events like the tractor pull,
                                                               Woodsmen’s Day, demolition derby, educational demonstrations
                                                               – which are a larger focus in recent years. Smokey’s Greater Show
                                                               rides, Firemen’s Muster, live music and round out the festivities.
                                                               Wednesday is $1 entry day and Thursday is senior citizen day.
                                                                “In the past we’ve had local talent come in and provide
                                                               entertainment on Friday evening,” said Jackson. “Then we
                                                               have the big act on Saturday evening.”
                                                                “It’s a small, country, family fair,” said Jackson. “We cater
                                                               to the family as much as we can.”


                                                               Some things to consider
                                                               when attending a fair or
                                                               festival event

                                                               Plan ahead for parking. Many of the venues have limited
                                                               parking and it can be a challenge to find a spot, particular-
                                                               ly during the popular time frames for each of these events.
                                                               Make selections for specific entertainment ahead of time to
                                                               ensure you’re able to enjoy your outing to the fullest. Call
                                                               ahead with questions about accessibility accommodations,
                                                               gate fees, times and more. This will take the stress out of the
                                                               day and allow you to focus and simply experience what each
                                                               event has to offer. OHM

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