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p.m., followed at 6:30 p.m. by the Tribute band for Creedence   creating sustainable local food systems is also a focus accord-
                Clearwater Revival, Hey Tonight! On Saturday the popular   ing to Vlaun.
                LaTCH youth band from Norway takes the stage at 3 p.m.,   “The idea behind the project is to promote a robust, local food
                then it’s Don Campbell from Maine and Nashville, TN at 5   system,” said Vlaun. “To increase local food security and health.”
                p.m. Nationally recognized musician, Livingston Taylor, per-  While the beer garden may be a big draw, once there, most
                forms at 7 p.m.                                people check out everything else that the festival offers, get-
                  Past festival lineups have included such notables as Noel Paul   ting firsthand information about how the community is work-
                Stookey (Peter, Paul, and Mary) and Maine’s own, Schooner Fare.  ing together to build a solid local food network. And aside
                                                               from purchasing tickets for the beer tasting and food from
                           the vendors, the festival itself is free to the public – there is
                                                               no gate fee.


                Foothills, food and fun

                This one-day festival has it all. A beer garden offering tasting
                from local, southern Maine breweries, food vendors, a farmer’s  The first in Oxford County:
                market, and music for a start. The 4th annual Foothills Food   The Oxford County Fair
                Festival, a project of Community Food Matters (a Center for
                Ecology Based Economy program) is on Saturday, August 10th.   In 1830, the Oxford County fair began. In the early years, Paris
                  Spend the day learning about local food systems, tour the   and Norway took turns hosting the annual fair, which became
                Alan Day Community Garden, learn about chicken keeping,   incorporated in 1841. Tractor and animal pulls, homemade
                bee keeping, composting and more. Enjoying local food and   crafts and educational workshops have been a part of the fair
                entertainment and having a good time is the first goal of the   since the 1800s. And harness racing joined the fair entertain-
                festival. Other takeaways are people being more informed   ment offerings after the Civil War, according to Henry Jackson,
                about what it takes to sustain a locally sourced food system,   Oxford County Agricultural Society treasurer.
                what regional food security means and how best to feed a   Over the years, the location of the fair changed, but in 1967
                community while caring for the planet.         a new, fixed location was obtained and the existing buildings
                  The popular community garden has a new youth leadership   that were being used were moved to the fair’s new home.
                program and some of the educational programs and tours   After two years off, the fair reopened in 1969, with much of
                of the garden will be led by the youth leaders. Getting the   the same points of interest that still exist today.
                younger generation involved in the community and aware of   There are exhibition halls showcasing area husbandry, craft

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