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from hosting a collection of Paris Hill speakers to a more social
                atmosphere. Today it is more like a community picnic with
                part craft fair, part local talent exhibit, and a major car show.
                  The highlight of the event is the one day a year when the
                public can view the private auto collection of Bob and Sandra
                Bahre. It is often regarded as one of the finest collections in
                the country.
                  “People literally travel here from around the country to
                see it,” she explained. All proceeds from the day benefit the
                historic library and museum.


                Paris Hill is alive with

                the sound of music
                Anytime music is involved, enjoyment is a sure thing, so a
                festival dedicated to showcase local and national musicians
                can’t be anything but a great time. Few things say summer   change of venue to the Paris Hill Country Club, complete with
                bliss like a community outdoor concert.        VIP ticket options. The festival is a way to raise awareness of
                  The First Baptist Church had been holding concerts in the   “the beauty and historical relevance of Paris Hill,” according
                past, but an area resident, Mary Beth Caffey, had the idea to   to Caffey, as well as support area youth involved in the arts.
                expand on that, as a way to showcase talent and foster the   Ticket sales are used to raise funds to preserve the historical
                “wonderful sense of community” in a positive, fun-filled way.   church, the historical country club, and the Commons that
                  In 2017, the Paris Hill Music Festival made its debut at   are central to the village.
                the church and showcased all Maine musicians as a way to   This year’s two-day event will feature both local and nation-
                celebrate Maine roots. This year, the festival’s third, there is a   al acts. Friday, August 2, local Matt Fournier will perform at 4

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