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The Oxford Hills                                            Resources for year round
                                                                              activities can be found at

       Year Round Recreation and Fun!                                

           Each season in the Oxford Hills brings about a
           new recreational experience. You can enjoy it all
           in this special area of western Maine.

                                             There are many hiking trails for
                                             the novice to expert with the
                                             reward of experiencing wooded
                                             forests and spectacular views.

               Here are a few popular locations:                             Lakes and Streams

           Mount Tire’m                                                      Take your pick from swimming,
                                                                             boating, or water skiing from
           Offers hikers a spectacular view of the                           any number of the lakes in the
           Long Lake region and the Presidential                             area. (Don’t forget the thrill of jet
           Range. Climbing time is about 40                                  skis and boat tubing!) There are
           minutes. You’ll find this journey on                              public beaches, boat launches
           Plummer Hill Road next to the Waterford                           and camping areas throughout
           Inn in Waterford.                 The Cornwall Nature Preserve    the region. The gem, of course is
           Streaked Mountain                 Ideal for nature study,         Lake Pennesseewassee (Norway
                                                                             Lake) where you can paddle the
           A short but rigorous upward hike but well   photography, and a great spot for   day away or fish for brown trout,
                                             a family outing and picnic spot.
           worth the effort. Go 0.5 miles past the   Simply go about two miles up   pickerel, landlocked salmon, to
           power lines on Streaked Mountain Road   Paris Hill Road from Route 26.   name a few. You can also escape
           in Buckfield.                                                     to the solitude of lakes and
                                                                             streams to make your outdoor
                                                                             adventure complete.
                                          Ice fishing                        If canoeing or kayaking are

                                          A popular past time with enthusiasts   to your liking, trips down the
                                          finding an array of catches determined by   Nezinscot River in Buckfield or
                                          various depths below the ice. You’ll find   the Little Androscoggin River with
                                          bass and perch in many areas but you’ll   launches in Oxford and Bethel will
                                          have to search a bit for the more elusive   provide not only peace and quiet
                                          salmon and brown and rainbow trout. Be   from the bustling pace of daily life,
                                          sure to look for ice fishing derbies in the   but scenic beauty as well.
                                          area that offer activities and prizes.
             Biking and Off Road Adventures

             Biking in the Oxford Hills can   Winter Fun
             bring you along major highways
             as well as the “off the beaten   For cross country skiing, there’s Carter’s XC Ski Center
             path” roads that will introduce   in Oxford and Bethel with 105km of trails while
             you to a beautiful landscape and   downhill enthusiasts enjoy Mt. Abram in Greenwood
             countryside. Perhaps your taste   with its five lifts, 44 trails and a vertical drop of 1,150
             runs with all terrain vehicles and   feet. Maine’s snowmobile trail system covers over
             off the road vehicles. Trail blazing   13,000 miles with many fine trails scattered about the
             clubs maintain paths for off    Oxford Hills. Snowshoeing can be found just about
             road experiences.               anywhere as the snow piles up each year.
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