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Memorial Hospital and the MaineHealth   step further. Midway through her yoga   throughout the years,” she says. Work-
             system. To meet the growth of Maine’s   teacher training, she began an intensive   ing one-on-one with physical therapy
             aging population, they have strength-  course of Integrative Yoga Therapy that   clients and then guiding them in a yoga
             ened existing programs and developed   led to her becoming a Certified Yoga Ther-  class gives her the advantage of knowing
             new ones that address the specific con-  apist (C-IAYT) through the International   where their limits are, as well as how they
             cerns of Maine’s seniors, with the guiding  Association of Yoga Therapists. Within   can use yoga as therapy for physical lim-
             principle that getting older doesn’t mean   a year, she opened Posabilities Physical   itations or injury. For more information,
             giving up a healthy lifestyle.   Therapy, Yoga and Wellness on Tannery   visit
               Based on the premise that an ounce of   Street in Norway.
             prevention is worth a pound of cure, the   Yoga therapy is client centered and   The Ballroom
             programs focus on building awareness   uses specific tools to address individuals’
             and instilling healthy habits as a means   imbalances. During sessions, Hawes gen-  Nan Brett, Owner
             to avoid potential health risks, such as   tly guides clients into awareness of not   Located in the historic Block Building on
             osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease, stroke,   only physical sensations, but also breath,   Main Street in Harrison, The Ballroom
             and diabetes. From cooking classes that   thought patterns and emotions that may   offers ballet, jazz, modern, tap, expres-
             provide easy low-fat, low-sodium recipes,   be contributing to or influencing their   sive dance and ballroom dance sessions,
             to exercise classes that build strength and  disease or dysfunction. Based on those   plus ongoing classes in yoga, Zumba, and
             better balance to reduce the risk of fall-  observations, Hawes offers yogic tech-  Integrative Fitness Training.
             ing, the emphasis is on motivating and   niques to promote balance, healing and   Always a strong believer in the uplifting,
             empowering participants with simple   an increased sense of ease.  health-enhancing qualities of movement,
             and fun ways to maintain or improve   The majority of Posabilities clients are   owner Nan Brett has been teaching move-
             upon their health. Aging & Senior Care   50+, with several in their 70s and 80s.   ment classes since 1980 and opened The
             classes in the WMH education program   Hawes points out that providing physical   Ballroom in 1994. Building upon her foun-
             deal with specific issues of aging, but there   therapy within the home care industry for   dations as a teacher of modern dance and
             are several other classes that can also ben-  fifteen years gave her experience working   children’s creative movement, she became
             efit seniors. For a complete list of classes   with older bodies.   a Certified Fitness Instructor through the
             and events designed to support health and   “Our bodies are a conglomeration of   American Council on Exercise (ACE) in
             wellness at any stage of life, visit wmh.  different things that have cropped up   1986 and has maintained and added to her


             Katey Hawes, Owner
             After more than twenty years of provid-
             ing physical therapy to clients coping with
             injury, Katey Hawes experienced a dance
             injury that shifted her professional path.
               Faced with the prospect of limited
             mobility for an extended period, Hawes
             began a daily yoga practice as a physical
             outlet for her injury. It didn’t take long for
             her to discover the positive effect it also
             had on her emotional well-being and men-
             tal focus. Based on that experience, she
             came to the realization that the next log-
             ical step was to share these benefits with
             her clients by completing yoga teacher
             certification through the Shala Institute
             of Yoga in Bridgton, Maine.
               As she began integrating different yogic
             techniques with her physical therapy cli-
             ents, she realized there was even more
             she could offer them by taking things a

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