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                                                                               BY LAURIE LAMOUNTAIN
                                                                                         HERE ARE those who quip
                                                                                         that getting old is not for
                                                                                         sissies. But not only does it
                                                                                         beat the alternative, it can
             Oxford  T be a richly rewarding expe-
             Hills                                                             is good reason to develop lifelong healthy
                                                                               rience. The fact that we’re living longer
                                                                               habits that will give us the advantage of
                                                                               determining how well we age. Fortunate-
                                                                               ly, in response to our increasing longev-
                                                                               ity, there’s an increase in awareness and
             Healthy                                                           activities expressly designed to improve
                                                                               our quality of life as we age.

                                                                               Maine Health
             Living                                                            An important part of Western Maine
                                                                               Health’s (WMH) commitment to quality
                                                                               health care is providing a broad range of
                                                                               health improvement and prevention pro-
                                                                               grams to the Oxford Hills community it
                                                                               serves. WMH offers an evolving calendar
                                                                               of fitness and wellness classes that are led
                                                                               by physicians, health care providers and
                                                                               trained professionals within Stephens

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